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Each week our 9.30am services are livestreamed on YouTube. Go to our YouTube channel at 9.30am each Sunday to watch live. You can also go back and watch recent services and messages anytime.

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Jesus feeds 5000

When Jesus fed 5000+ people on the beach one day, he did more than provide food for them. He had compassion on them and gave them what they needed most. This same God will provide for your needs, too. Connect with us anytime at

Reawaken the wonder of your faith

In Mark 6:1-6 people were amazed at Jesus but also deeply offended at him. Have you lost your wonder in the familiarity of your faith? In the weeks after Easter we’re going back into the life of Jesus to learn from him. There is incredible truth, wisdom and transformation available in the words and actions of Jesus. Each week we’ll pick up a story from the Gospel of Mark and learn from a Jesus story. Connect with us any time…

Easter Sunday 2023

If all you knew was the 3pm Friday story, Christianity wouldn’t make any sense. A troublesome spiritual teacher is crucified, and then is declared to be God by the very empire that killed him?! The resurrection is why Easter is such a big deal. The end of the story makes the whole story worth telling. Connect with us any time at

Good Friday 2023

If you were at the foot of the cross on Good Friday, there was nothing good about the day at all. The first Good Friday wasn’t just the death of Jesus. It felt like the death of hope and the death of life itself. And while it’s impossible for us to really understand what the first Good Friday was like for the disciples, we can understand a bit because we also have times in our lives when it seems like…

Now all glory to God

God IS ABLE to strengthen you, that no matter what happens, you can stand strong. This happens when you have a strong foundation in the gospel. You don’t come to faith by the gospel and then move past the gospel. You move into the gospel. The gospel is like the concrete reinforcing foundation on a post. It makes everything else secure. Connect with us any time at

Wake up! Jesus is coming.

What if Jesus was coming back today? What would you want to do differently if you knew he’d be here in just a few hours? In Romans 13 Paul encourages us to not live as if it was nighttime, as people of darkness. Instead he says we should live as people of the daytime, as people of light. What personal things would you add under each of these headings from Romans 13 & 14 about how to live in the…

Don’t just pretend to love

In chapter 12 of Romans, Paul makes a turning point from shifting our THINKING about God and each other, to shifting our BEHAVIOUR towards God and towards each other. #1 Worship God, with everything #2 Have humility, depend on each other #3 Serve each other, with God’s help #4 Don’t just pretend to love To help guide your reading, journalling and discussing this week, Geoff also shared these tips on some of the big questions Paul raises in chapter 11…

Faith comes from hearing

What is the Gospel (Good News) about Jesus that we must hear and have faith in? We can’t get to God so he came to us, in Jesus. Jesus restores our relationship with God because we can’t do it by ourselves. The next question is often , ‘how?’ How does Jesus do this? The answer to the ‘how’ question is a wide variety of ‘atonement theories’ that we should explore. There is freedom to hold more tightly to the ones…