Sermons by Jireh Scheurwater

Walk a new path (Jireh Scheurwater)

In our final week we commit to walking anew in the way of Jesus. Psalm 51 illustrates that repentance isn’t supposed to be a circular process where we stay stuck, but it is designed to turn us around so that we can walk in a new direction. Through practical steps and accountability we can allow God to shape our hearts, minds and lives in a new way. Our series is called ‘Repentance + Renewal: re-align your heart with God’s heart.’…

Anchored Faith (Jireh Scheurwater)

In the midst of life’s storms, we invite you to anchor your faith in Jesus during this series. Our four regular preachers will take a turn sharing their personal stories and the biblical anchors that keep them committed to Jesus. “Why am I still here? Why am I still a Christian? Why am I still serving the church?” If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions you’ll appreciate this series.

When your faith falters (Jireh Scheurwater)

In this week of vulnerability, we encounter a different side of Elijah. After a triumphant victory, he faces fear, doubt, and discouragement. God tenderly ministers to Elijah’s needs and restores his faith. Even strong believers can experience moments of weakness, but God remains faithful. How can we find God in times of doubt and discouragement? Connect with us anytime at

Jesus and the Lost Coin

Jesus showed us how much God cares about each person. The ‘Ones’, rather than the crowds. We can follow Jesus and: Notice the Ones, Prioritise the Ones, Welcome the Ones, Celebrate the Ones. Connect with us anytime at

Now all glory to God

God IS ABLE to strengthen you, that no matter what happens, you can stand strong. This happens when you have a strong foundation in the gospel. You don’t come to faith by the gospel and then move past the gospel. You move into the gospel. The gospel is like the concrete reinforcing foundation on a post. It makes everything else secure. Connect with us any time at