Now all glory to God

God IS ABLE to strengthen you, that no matter what happens, you can stand strong. This happens when you have a strong foundation in the gospel. You don’t come to faith by the gospel and then move past the gospel. You move into the gospel. The gospel is like the concrete reinforcing foundation on a post. It makes everything else secure. Connect with us any time at

Wake up! Jesus is coming.

What if Jesus was coming back today? What would you want to do differently if you knew he’d be here in just a few hours? In Romans 13 Paul encourages us to not live as if it was nighttime, as people of darkness. Instead he says we should live as people of the daytime, as people of light. What personal things would you add under each of these headings from Romans 13 & 14 about how to live in the…

Don’t just pretend to love

In chapter 12 of Romans, Paul makes a turning point from shifting our THINKING about God and each other, to shifting our BEHAVIOUR towards God and towards each other. #1 Worship God, with everything #2 Have humility, depend on each other #3 Serve each other, with God’s help #4 Don’t just pretend to love To help guide your reading, journalling and discussing this week, Geoff also shared these tips on some of the big questions Paul raises in chapter 11…

Faith comes from hearing

What is the Gospel (Good News) about Jesus that we must hear and have faith in? We can’t get to God so he came to us, in Jesus. Jesus restores our relationship with God because we can’t do it by ourselves. The next question is often , ‘how?’ How does Jesus do this? The answer to the ‘how’ question is a wide variety of ‘atonement theories’ that we should explore. There is freedom to hold more tightly to the ones…

Now there is no condemnation for sin

We still experience the effects of sin and we still struggle with sin. But now because of Jesus we have freedom to live a life controlled by the Spirit rather than being controlled by our sinful nature. And no matter what happens, if we are connected to Christ then nothing can ever separate us from him and his love. You can join us next Sunday in person at 9.30am and 5.30pm. Or connect with us any time at

This hope will not disappoint

Our hope in Christ’s salvation is dependent on his unfailing love for us. This foundation sets us free from sin and makes it possible for us to live for God and follow his way of living. You can join us next Sunday in person at 9.30am and 5.30pm. Or connect with us any time at

God’s promise is received by faith

God’s grace is a promise to us, received by faith. It isn’t reliant on us keeping the law or the rules, but is reliant on us holding on to hope and faith in God. I need to believe that God will forgive everything. I also need to believe that because of my love for him I choose to not sin. Both of these things needs to be in balance, like the centre-point of a seesaw. You can join us next…

Freedom to stop judging people

There is no shame in following Jesus because he will never let you down. Accepting God’s grace is for everyone. I need him as much as you do. The point of Paul pointing out God’s judgement about sin is not to convict the obvious sinners, but to get us off our high horses of thinking we are better than others. In this series we invite you to take a ’S.O.A.P.’ journal and dig deeper into Romans during the week. SOAP…