Sermons from June 2023

Spiritual dehydration (Kate Cathcart)

Spiritual dehydration – know the signs & drink some water. As adults, it is easy to recognise the signs of dehydration – and to apply the cure – to drink some water – but children have to learn these things, and often be led to water – or put on a drip. Have we, as spiritually mature adults, learnt the signs of spiritual dehydration and do we know how to quench this thirst? Connect with us anytime at

Jesus and healing (Joan Koskela)

Joan Koskela from Living Wisdom Australia ( was our guest speaker today. She spoke from Mark 2:1-12 about when Jesus healed a paralysed man. Healing isn’t often simple or easy, we can bring our confusion and our questions to Jesus. Connect with us anytime at

The exponential provision that comes from generosity (Geoff Snook)

There is an exponential factor to whatever you offer God and offer to each other. 2 Corinthians 9:11, “You will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous.” You can’t control the outcome or what you receive, but this passage promises an exponential provision and supply when you live generously. No matter what you have entrusted to God and to each other, your trust is well placed. God’s economy, the exchange rate of the Kingdom of…