Preparing the way (Geoff Snook)

Preparing the way (Geoff Snook)

As we kick off the Advent series, we’ll explore the role of John the Baptist in preparing the way for Jesus. Just as John paved the path for Christ’s arrival, we’ll explore how we can prepare our hearts to receive the King. What does it mean for us to be modern-day John the Baptists, clearing away distractions and making room for the presence of Jesus in our lives?

Join us in December for a transformative journey through the Christmas story. In this four-part series we will explore the rich themes of expectation, anticipation, and fulfilment that surround the coming King. Each week we’ll uncover how meaningful Jesus’ birth still is today, and be challenged to shape our whole lives around him again.

The Bible reading plan to go along with the series is ‘Names Of Jesus For Advent’:

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