Jesus healed people (Geoff Snook)

Jesus healed people (Geoff Snook)

In Matthew chapters 6-10, one thing stands out about Jesus’ ministry more than any other thing. He healed people.

Miraculously, instantaneously, sometimes up close, sometimes at a distance, sometimes with a word, sometimes with a prayer, sometimes with a physical touch or action. Jesus healed people. All kinds of illnesses, disabilities, afflictions, oppressions. Jesus healed anyone, from anything and everything.

Why did he heal people? And what does that mean for you today? That’s what this message is about.

As we focus on relentlessly pursuing Jesus this year we want to immerse ourselves in his life, teaching and miracles. Reading through Matthew will help us prepare for Easter and how Jesus’ death and resurrection changes everything. You can find the reading plan and more information here:

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