Admit your problem with sin (Geoff Snook)

Admit your problem with sin (Geoff Snook)

In our first week of this new series we’ll dive into the story of Jonah which is full of both good and bad examples of repentance and renewal. We’ll explore the significance in our journey of faith and we’ll uncover the urgency of Jesus’ call for a heart-change that can lead to restoration.

You can find the practice guide for this series here:

‘Repentance’ is a complex idea. It can make us think about angry and urgent calls to turn our life around or risk fiery consequences. Or it can make us think about quick apologies after childish mistakes. True repentance is so much more than this. It is about heartfelt regret for straying from God’s path, accepting his forgiveness and being marked by a transformation of our heart, mind and life.

Our new series is called ‘Repentance + Renewal: re-align your heart with God’s heart.’

This season of the Transformation Trek is an invitation for deep and honest reflection. Throughout April we will explore the call of Jesus for a heart change and a turning away from sin in our everyday lives.

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