The Lack Nothing Life series 2022

The Lack Nothing Life series 2022

The Lack Nothing Life: Psalm 23

We often feel like we don’t have enough. “I don’t have enough time.” “I don’t have enough money.” “I don’t have enough friendship.” Despite the fact that we live in a culture with more than anyone has ever had, we feel like we’re missing out. One of the most famous poems in history, Psalm 23, presents us with a different way to live. Imagine going through life thinking, “I actually do have enough. I lack nothing!” It might seem impossible, but Psalm 23 invites you into a life with God where you lack nothing.

This series begins on May 15 and runs for 6 weeks.

The series also coincides with the beginning of our night service! You can join us each week at 9.30am or 5.30pm.


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