What About is now available as an audiobook

What About is now available as an audiobook

This week the audiobook launches for ‘What About’! This book was initially written as an extension to a message series at The Lakes Church. Now you can listen to ‘What About’, read by the authors, Geoff & Laura Snook.

Get a copy on Audible and listen while you’re walking, driving or working.

If you prefer to read, you can get a copy on Kindle or order a printed copy. You can also buy printed copies from The Lakes Church on Sundays.

In the book we look at some of the big questions around faith and how you can begin to understand them. We tackle issues like homosexuality, abortion, God’s judgement, suicide, money and politics.

This book is designed to help you understand your faith and some of your own questions. It is also designed to help you engage in conversations with others about faith around these difficult questions. This book is written for Christians, and is also helpful for someone looking to understand a Christian worldview. You can find out more about the content of the book here.

‘What About’ belongs to The Lakes Church and all proceeds go towards the mission of the church.


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