Posts from August 2023

Cairns to the Cape 2023

Cairns to the Cape 2023 is completed! In late October we delivered 48 buckets filled with fishing gear to Churches of Christ, ready for transportation to foster families. Thank you so much to everyone who participated to make this possible. Cairns to the Cape We are excited to be partnering with Churches of Christ for our Cairns to the Cape Christmas appeal! Help us bring joy to children, young people, foster and kinship carers across Cape York this Christmas. This…

Elijah series 2023

An angry king. A devastating drought. Epic opposition. And one man with faith in God. Join us as we delve into the captivating story of Elijah, one of the most powerful prophets in the Old Testament. Through Elijah’s life we will explore faith, obedience, courage, and God’s provision. Discover how God empowers ordinary people to do extraordinary things when they trust in him wholeheartedly. Our Sunday series from September 3rd, 2023.

One Minute After You Die series 2023

One minute after you die The questions you have about life after death — What is heaven like? How do I know I’ll be there? What if I’m not? — can leave you wondering, but they don’t mean you have to live in fear. We’ll explore what the New Testament has to say about heaven, hell and the afterlife. Discover why your ideas of life after death can change everything about your life today. We’re talking about what happens ‘One…