It is a wonderful thing to decide to follow Jesus.

You see, we are all people who do wrong, and when we do wrong, we separate ourselves from God. But, our God is like the perfect father – our heavenly father, who does not want us to be separated. That’s where Jesus comes in.

This is what makes Jesus so great:

  • Jesus is God – God needed to connect to the people, and to show the people how they can come back to him, so God came to Earth as a baby – Jesus!
  • Jesus shows us who God is. The way he lived, and what he taught shows us what matters most to God.
  • Jesus came to pay the debt of our wrongdoing. It’s like if we owed someone money that we could never pay back, so we avoid them and the friendship is ruined. Jesus pays the ‘money’ back, so that we can have the friendship (With God) restored. This is the reason Jesus died.
  • After he died, he came back to life. This proves that he is who he says he is, and shows us that there is more life beyond the one we know.
  • Jesus didn’t then stay as human on earth, but gives us a way that we can stay connected with God today – by the Holy Spirit. We know that the Holy Spirit is within us from the moment we commit to following Jesus. As we grow in our faith and stay connected with God, we are able to feel, hear and understand the The Holy Spirit within us, and working through us.

When you believe, you become a part of God’s family. We are all brothers and sisters even if we are all very different. Sometimes we disagree with each other about the details, but we remain in agreement about God the father, Jesus the son & the Holy Spirt as the three natures of the same God.

There is much more that you can discover about Jesus. Connect in with a youth group, learn how to read the bible, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.