Why bother going to work?

Why bother going to work?

Geoff continued the Fruitfulness on the Frontline series with this message about work. Here are some questions he asked during the message to help us reflect on being fruitful with our work:

1. Can I remember in each situation that I belong to Jesus, so my tasks and my work can be done with him and for him?

2. Can I see these people I’m working for, or working with, differently? Can I see them as created, loved, longed for by God?

3. Can I use these hands to work with faithfulness and skill to do something that can be offered as worship to God?

4. Can I see that the work I do expresses something of the creator I serve?

5. Can I remember that my greatest reward comes from Jesus, not from any praise or affirmation or payday or bonus?


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