Where faith and science meet

Where faith and science meet

Geoff continued our series God Save the Planet: fires, floods and rising seas.

This message focussed on the place where faith and science meet. Christians are often afraid of science and scientists, creating a false conflict between God and science. When we look closer at the reality of God and the reality of science, we find that the conflict disappears. Christians don’t need to be afraid of science or defensive against scientific views. Instead we can be curious, fascinated and respond to the truths that science reveals. When we realise we can have both Jesus and science, it changes our understanding of and approach to climate change. 

Here is a visual of the spectrum of beliefs and responses Geoff talked about in the message:

If you’d like to research this topic more:

  1. There’s a whole chapter about faith & science in this book that our church put together. It’s called What About and was written by Geoff & Laura Snook. You can buy a copy from the Info Desk on a Sunday or online here (print or an ebook).
  2. This message by climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe is a more in depth look at the science of climate change.
  3. This website by The Royal Society is a helpful overview of the observable science of climate change.

Climate change is one of the most difficult topics in the world today. In the midst of the emotionally charged debate are some long-held beliefs by Christians that we need to take a closer look at.

We won’t settle the politics or the science but we will talk about how every Christian should approach the issue of climate change. Whether you’re a climate change advocate, denier, or somewhere in between, we need to talk about this together.

Each week we will explore a particular idea around Christians and Climate Change and some practical responses.

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