What has God called you to?

What has God called you to?

Laura continued our Ephesians series in Ephesians 3.

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On Sunday Laura talked about being an unlikely candidate. Can you think of any funny times that you were chosen as an unlikely candidate?

Read Ephesians 3 together.
You might like to read it in sections, with different people reading, and pausing to discuss each section. Or you might like to read it all at once and then come back to each section.

1. Paul was God’s messenger, showing his light and love. Can you tell each other about people who have been God’s messengers of light and love to you?
2. The church as a whole often seems like an unlikely candidate. Can you think of times that it seems like the church (any church) has got it wrong in showing God’s light and love? What about times when the church has got it right?
3. When you think of yourself as God’s messenger, do you have any idea specifically who he has called you to, or what has called you to do?
4. Is there anything in particular that stands out to you about the access God gives us to himself or the love he gives us?
5. Paul was able to be God’s messenger even when he was in prison. How could God use you despite your limitations?

Pray for each other along the lines of what Paul prayed for the Ephesians church. Pray specifically if there are things that group members have shared.


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