What does God want for you?

What does God want for you?

Geoff began our Ephesians series in Ephesians 1.

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A Bible reading plan for Ephesians can be found here.


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On Sunday Geoff talked about getting video messages from his cousin Josh. Ask each other who you would love to get a video message from. How has that person helped you in life and faith?

Read Ephesians 1:1-23 together.
You might like to read it in sections, with different people reading, and pausing to discuss each section. Or you might like to read it all at once and then come back to each section.

Is there anything that stands out to you today in this passage?
Is there anything you don’t understand in this passage?
Have you ever had a hard time realising that God wanted to adopt you into his family?
Have you ever found yourself taking God’s gift for granted, forgetting how much it is worth?
Which of the things Paul prays for do you think you need most right now? Spiritual wisdom & insight, light or power?
How have you understood and experienced those things in the past?

Pray for each other along the lines of what Paul prayed for the Ephesians church. Pray specifically if there are things that group members have shared.


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