What About Other Religions

What About Other Religions

What About Other Religions?

Ever wondered… are there any beliefs that we share with people of other religions? How does God want us to treat and relate to people of other faiths? Listen in as Geoff explains more.

What makes someone a Christian?

  1. Relationship with Jesus
  2. Jesus is alive
  3. Acceptance is a gift
  4. The “essentials” of faith

What makes an “other” religion?

  1. No relationship with  Jesus
  2. Work for acceptance
  3. A leader who is dead
  4. Differences on the “essentials”

Why does this matter?

1 John 5:12, Luke 10:29, Luke 10:27, Matthew 5:43-44.

Get ready to love:

  1. Follow Jesus
  2. Be spiritually discerning
  3. Guard your heart (1Tim 1:7)
  4. See the person

Love people of other religions:

  1. Pray for them (2 Cor 4:4)
  2. Love them
  3. Share with them


We also recorded a midweek podcast for this message, responding to some specific questions. You can listen to it here.

You can also buy a copy of the What About book from the 2016 series which contains six ‘What About?’ topics: voting and politics, money, God’s judgement, homosexuality, gender roles and the church.


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