What about Science?

What about Science?

We are often told that you can either believe in God or Science and can feel conflicted by this choice, however this is not the truth. Geoff this week shares about this idea of God versus Science and begins to explain that God is in all things, including science.

He highlights that many scientists, mathematicians, engineers and thinkers are believers, and that their work and study confirms their faith. Geoff also delves into the question of the origin of the universe, and our God as a creator.

The video we watched during the message was Cosmic Eye:

Follow these links for more resources:

A recent talk by John Lennox on science and faith.

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A brief overview of three Christian views on creation.

Resources on young earth creation.

For resources on old earth creation.

For resources on evolutionary creation.


We also recorded a midweek podcast for this message, responding to some specific questions. You can listen to it here.

You can also buy a copy of the What About book from the 2016 series which contains six ‘What About?’ topics: voting and politics, money, God’s judgement, homosexuality, gender roles and the church.


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