Walk a new path (Jireh Scheurwater)

Walk a new path (Jireh Scheurwater)

In our final week we commit to walking anew in the way of Jesus. Psalm 51 illustrates that repentance isn’t supposed to be a circular process where we stay stuck, but it is designed to turn us around so that we can walk in a new direction. Through practical steps and accountability we can allow God to shape our hearts, minds and lives in a new way.

Our series is called ‘Repentance + Renewal: re-align your heart with God’s heart.’

This season of the Transformation Trek is an invitation for deep and honest reflection. Throughout April we will explore the call of Jesus for a heart change and a turning away from sin in our everyday lives.

You can find the practice guide for this series here: https://thelakes.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/Transformation-Trek-Repentance-and-Renewal.pdf

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