Vision // Warm hospitality

Vision // Warm hospitality

What is God’s vision for our church? After several months of exploring this question we are ready to move ahead with clarity and purpose. In this series we will unpack our vision: “to be a church that is devoted to lifelong growth, healthy relationships, warm hospitality, walking with the wounded and introducing people to Jesus.” In each message we’ll explore the biblical basis for this vision statement and we’ll invite people to consider what this means for them and for our church community as we pursue God’s future together.

We provide warm hospitality, being generous in our welcome, offering family to outsiders and helping people to belong. We fight the trend towards loneliness by weaving people into healthy communities. We take time to listen, embracing both laughter and tears. We open our lives to each other, always making room at the table. We are overly generous, constantly looking for ways that we can give to bless others.

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