The most important thing about Christianity

The most important thing about Christianity

Christians have become known for many things in the world today, but unfortunately the religion of Christianity isn’t closely connected with the person of Jesus Christ. The habit ‘Learn’ will help us surprise the world with the most important thing about Christianity. When we focus on Jesus, our lives and our words will be refreshing and life-giving rather than blunt and tone-deaf. The challenge will be to study Jesus’ life a little bit each week from the Gospels. How did he live? Who did he interact with? What did he say?

The fourth habit we’ll explore in this series is ‘Learn’.


You’ll find a copy of the discussion guide for this week here.

Want to read the Gospel of Mark together with us this week (beginning Sunday 27th September)? Here is the link.

Want to do the same reading plan by yourself or at another time? Here is the link.

Want a list of some more books and movies that will help you ‘Learn Jesus’? Here it is.

Tap here for more information about the series Surprise the World, including where you can get a copy of the book.

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