The Good Samaritan (Laura Snook)

The Good Samaritan (Laura Snook)

When we watch TV or scroll through social media it feels like everyone is chanting, “More! More! More!” More money, a bigger house, the trendiest clothes, the wildest adventures, etc. The message we get is that our happiness and security in life is grounded in what we can achieve, consume or own.

This week we explored the parable of the Good Samaritan and Jesus’ teachings on using our gifts and serving others. We’ll look at why some ignore the man in need while one man stops to help, and how this challenges us to invest our time and energy into the people around us.

This month in the Transformation Trek we look at a practice from the life of Jesus that pushes against this message by declaring that it is better to give than to receive. The lives of Jesus’ followers are not marked by hoarding our resources but by sacrificially giving to help others. Let’s find joy in generosity and sacrifice, because it truly embodies the spirit of Christ within us.

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