The gift of courage

At Christmas time we often exchange gifts that don’t last. They are eaten up, worn out and used, sometimes even before the end of Christmas Day. In the first Christmas story we discover gifts that keep on giving. Not the gold, frankincense and myrrh, but other actions and attitudes that resound through the centuries. The shepherds gave the gift of curiosity, Mary and Joseph gave the gift of courage and God gave the gift of love in sending his Son.

Mary and Joseph gave the gift of courage in the face of fear. Today we still benefit from their courage because they looked after the birth and growing up of Jesus, the Son of God. We can give each other the gift of courage instead of fear and timidity.

This Christmas let’s give thanks for these gifts that keep on giving, even to our benefit today. Let’s also challenge each other about how we can give curiosity, courage and love for the sake of the people in our lives.

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