Meekness – Upside Down

Meekness – Upside Down

‘Meekness’ is not the kind of word we use to praise someone or something. I bet you don’t hear many people say, “I love how meek he is.” And yet Jesus praised meekness. He said that those who are meek are blessed. Laura unpacks this upside down statement from Jesus in our message today.

This message is part of our series Upside Down: redefining the good life.

How can we claim that God is good when life isn’t always good? Where is God when life seems so unjust? Jesus introduced his followers to a way of thinking that challenged their understanding of success. He taught them that God’s kingdom doesn’t operate in the same way that the world’s kingdoms operate. How can we find the blessing, happiness and good fortune that Jesus spoke about? From Jesus and his ‘beatitudes’ we find a better way to understand God and a new way to live.

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