Sit Beside (Putting your faith into action)

Sit Beside (Putting your faith into action)

Time is a great gift. We see that Jesus would often stop and have conversations with people. He gave them time in a busy schedule. He went into the homes of those who were cast out and had meals with those whom society wouldn’t touch. This gift of time radically transformed lives. How can we sit beside people today? How do we respond when those we sit beside live in sin?

Having faith in Jesus naturally leads to a concern for others. Not just others in the church, but all people. The Apostle Paul wrote that we should have the same attitude that Jesus had – not just looking out for our own interests but taking an interest in others, too. This series will spark a desire within you to follow Jesus by putting your faith into action for the benefit of other people. We’ll share encouragement and practical suggestions in each message on how to do this.

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