Silence & solitude: Turn it down (Laura Snook)

Silence & solitude: Turn it down (Laura Snook)

In a world overwhelmed by noise and distractions, it’s easy to feel disconnected from God’s voice. This week, we’ll explore how the constant clamour in our lives can drown out his gentle whisper. By looking at the story of Elijah and the practices of Jesus, we’ll learn practical steps to reduce the noise and create space for God. Join us as we discover how turning down the noise can deepen our relationship with God and allow us to hear his voice more clearly.

On July 7 & 14 we are exploring the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude, learning to create intentional spaces for quiet closeness with God. Let’s relentlessly pursue Jesus…by stopping.

You can download the practice guide for this series, including personal reflection, group discussion & more:

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