Risk to rely (Crazy Stupid Love)

Risk to rely (Crazy Stupid Love)

God created people to be interdependent – relying on each other. We can discover how God has shaped us and how we can work together to make a difference in the world.

Our lives are full of relationships – best friends, spouses, exes, neighbours, co-workers – and those relationships can be complicated. Relationships are messy, and love can be hard. So how do we have good ones? And get over bad ones? During this series, we’ll talk about how to develop strong and thriving relationships in every area of your life.

Crazy Stupid Love comes with a discussion guide for small groups to use each week. This series was inspired by Pastor Gene Appel at Eastside Christian Church in Los Angeles.

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What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

Have someone read Romans 12:5. In a life of extreme independence, this passage goes against what culture tells us. It seems as though we are created to be in community, especially with other believers. Is there a time when you’ve experienced this kind of connection to another believer?

You’ll only find God’s purpose for your life through dependence on him and healthy interdependence with others. God created us to be in relationship and togetherness with him and others around us to help us find our place in this world. Even Jesus, creator of the universe, displayed the importance of letting people in and relying on others. Do you have a few people in your life whom you have created healthy relationship and togetherness with? How did that connection become so strong?

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-13. This passage shares that God has fitted us together to rely on each other. It gives us an insight into God’s intention for his church: that it would be a place of unity and where people would be able to be used according to their gifts and abilities. If you know how God has shaped you, are you currently serving in a place to be used and help further the Kingdom of God? If you don’t know how God has shaped you yet, we encourage you to find out! Conversation with your small group or with a pastor will help. You can also see the teams we have around our church at www.thelakes.church/team

Read Ecclesiastes 4:10. Whether you’re married or single, this passage applies to everyone. If you’re married, do some reflection and try to identify if there is a healthy amount of reliance between the two of you. If you’re single, think of your friendships and reflect and identify a few people whom you can rely on no matter what. We need to learn to rely and be reliable ourselves because, as we know, relationships are two-way streets.


Look at the circle of people you have included in your life; do you think you can rely on them when the going gets tough? Do they challenge you and make you a better person? If you don’t have those people, start looking to where you might be able to find them. 


Break into groups of 2-3 and pray that God would help and show you how to build a level of trust in your relationships to where you can learn to rely on them. And if you are struggling with loneliness, pray that God would deliver you by bringing people into your life with whom you could build godly relationships.


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