Reset your faith (Pat Hegarty)

Reset your faith (Pat Hegarty)

Take a fresh look at who you have become, who God really is, and what to do about it.

For the last two years people have been locked-down and disrupted. But even before that, so many were over-loaded. Some of us had become disillusioned. Others were questioning their faith. And yet the cry within all of us is to re-connect with God – to know the power of his Spirit and the encouragement of his voice.

Our word ‘enthusiasm’ comes from a Greek word that meant being inspired by a god. This series will kickstart the next season of your life with enthusiasm from the one true God.

The artwork Pat talks about in his message is here:

Throughout this series our small groups will be discussing the passages and topics each week. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to join a group for this series. You can find the discussion guide here:

You can join us next week in-person at 9.30am or 5.30pm, or connect with us any time at


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