Remastering the basics (Steve Drinkall)

Remastering the basics (Steve Drinkall)

Everything Jesus asked us to do is easy to understand and hard to do. We keep going around these things and accumulate understanding, but we never graduate from them. Jesus promises that he is with us the whole way through. When we get lost we need to return to the start, to what Jesus asked us to do:

Trust God with your life
Love your neighbours as yourself
Love your enemies and pray for them
Hold your possessions loosely
Be humble
Reform yourself before others
Receive the Spirit

Stephen Drinkall was our guest speaker. Steve facilitated a vision session with our staff and pastoral leaders over the weekend and then spoke in our Sunday services. Steve served with Churches of Christ in Queensland for many years and recently joining the Uniting Church as Mission Engagement Manager. He spoke from Matthew 28:18-20 about remastering the basics of what Jesus asked us to do.

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