Read the Bible like Jesus did

Read the Bible like Jesus did

Geoff finished our new series ‘Eat This Book: how to make reading the Bible worth your while.’

Not every verse in the Bible is equal. The arrival of Jesus on the scene completely changed and updated the way we should read the whole Bible. 

How can we read the Bible through Jesus’ eyes to gain meaning from things that used to be meaningless to us and to allow the Bible to shape our life? In particular this changes the way we read the Old Testament. But it is important to see this in the New Testament too.

Let’s face it – reading the Bible can be confusing, disturbing and sometimes plain boring. Christians still maintain that it is an important part of their faith, but these days the Bible seems to be read less often and by fewer people. How can you approach this long, ancient book in a way that will make a difference to your daily life? We’ll unpack some of the underlying principles behind the Bible and get really practical about how God uses the Bible to change our lives today.

This was the third week of Church Online. You will find both the audio and video of the message here. To find out more about experiencing church online each Sunday morning, click here.


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