One community away… (Kate Cathcart)

One community away… (Kate Cathcart)

You might be one community away from changing the course of your destiny. In our lives we don’t just need one on one friendships, but we also need healthy community. In our modern world relational poverty is an increasing problem. How can we fight the trend towards loneliness by weaving ourselves into healthy communities?

God created us for relationships. The people we choose to surround ourselves with are incredibly important, but in 2024 the social fabric of our church is thinner than ever. Many of us are isolated, lonely and disconnected, but we may not even be aware of how negatively this is affecting us.

In this series we’ll learn about how good friends (and bad friends) can impact our lives, our relationship with God and our future. We want to fight the trend towards loneliness by weaving ourselves together into healthy friendships and communities.

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