What About Money? (Midweek Q & A)

What About Money? (Midweek Q & A)

Midweek Q &A

What About Money?


What About Money?

Geoff responded to a couple of questions from the ‘What About Money?’ message.

You can listen to the message that these questions were based on here. We talked about:

It’s a myth that you need more money. It’s a myth that you need less money. What you need is contentment. Being content with what you have, and using it well. Using money wisely, being generous with it and sharing what you have. We also talked about Jesus feeding the 5000, and how he turned the generosity of a small boy into a miracle for thousands of people! Are you letting God turn your generosity into his miracle?


Some resources to consider more the question ‘What About Money?’:

Money Management for the Christian Family

The End of Greed (e-book) with a Bible Study guide

How Much Money Should a Christian Have?


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