Mental health

Mental health

Why talk about mental health in this series? Not because it’s the same as child abuse or domestic violence, but because it has been censored in the church in a similar way. It hasn’t been OK to struggle with mental health and the conversation has often been censored. We need to raise the level of awareness and conversation about mental health because it is more prevalent than you might think.

This message is part of a series called UNCENSORED: Conversations the church needs to have.These are conversations the global church, the Australian church and our church need to have.

In the message I mentioned the following statistics:

1 in 5 Australian adults had a mental disorder in 2006. 16-24 year olds struggled the most (1 in 4). (2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing)

1 in 4 people will experience anxiety in their lifetime. (BeyondBlue)

Suicide is the leading cause of death for 15-44 year olds. 8 people die by suicide every day. (BeyondBlue)

Mental illness is a general term for a group of illnesses that may include symptoms that can affect a person’s thinking, perceptions, mood or behaviour. (Better Health Victoria)

The websites that I read testimonials from are here and here.

We have made available a sheet of support options for the whole series, which you can download here. The relevant support options for this week’s message are below.


Tell someone you trust. Keep telling people you trust until someone understands you and supports you.

You can tell one of our pastors or anyone on our team. We’ll listen and support you to get help. Contact us to make an appointment.

You can visit your doctor (GP). Doctors are trained and skilled in helping you navigate your mental health. Medication is one option that can be very helpful.

You can spend time with a counsellor. Scroll down for some options.

If you are under 18 you can call Kids Help Line on 1800 55 1800 or chat online at

If you are over 18 you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or chat online at

If your life or someone else’s life is in danger, call 000. 

For a mental health assessment, call the Cairns Acute Care Team on 07 4226 3100.


The suggestions above are very important, especially in the early stages. As you do those things, you may need additional prayer support or professional counselling support. We can help you with that too.


Sometimes it helps to have someone pray specifically with you about what’s happened.

The Lakes Church team

Members of our staff team at The Lakes Church are experienced in prayer, dealing with difficult things that might be going on. There is no cost for this. Contact us to make an appointment.

Pastoral Leaders

The Pastoral Leaders are our elders and are available to pray for anyone in the church. There is no cost for this. Contact us to make an appointment.

Cairns Healing Rooms

The Healing Rooms are a great, neutral place to go when you are seeking healing or a spiritual breakthrough in your life. You will be prayed for in a non-denominational setting by Christians with healing, prophetic or discernment gifts, who have been trained in safe and responsible prayer and healing. Hours & Cairns location at No cost, but donations are accepted.


If you are struggling with your mental health, a counsellor will be a huge help. With their professional training a counsellor can help you process what’s happened and move towards healing. We can recommend a few different counsellors.

Liz Jenkins – Life Speak Counselling

Liz counsels from our rooms at the church. Liz uses the Living Wisdom counselling model as well as other models where appropriate. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Liz.

Jo Koskela – Living Wisdom

Jo is a highly experienced counsellor based in Brisbane who has worked with our church many times. Jo is available for counselling by phone or Skype.

Peter Funke – Living Wisdom

Peter is based in South East QLD, and is available for counselling by phone or Skype.


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