Imagine Heaven – What about Hell?

Imagine Heaven – What about Hell?

Imagine Heaven – What about Hell?

Although most reports of near death experiences are overwhelmingly positive, there are some who describe what appears to be a hellish afterlife. God, however, doesn’t want us to fear death or condemnation. Maybe pain and suffering are simply a warning and a chance to choose him! But even in the presence of God, would everyone choose him?

We are not temporary creatures given an eternal consequence. We are eternal creatures given temporary chance after chance after chance to choose God.

Scripture references: Job 38:4-7, Ezekiel 28:11-19, Isaiah 14:12-23, John 8:31-44, Revelation 5:11-14 & Revelation 12.

Here are the video links for this week:
A live, 20 minute interview with Paul Ojeda:
A 1 hour interview with Howard Storm:

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  1. Penny Grummitt

    Thank you Laura, such a powerful message. Really appreciate everything you said. From Penny n Des

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