How to stop your faith from drifting

How to stop your faith from drifting

God quickly drifts from the centre of our lives when our routines are interrupted. This might have happened for you when you haven’t been able to attend church regularly.

God used a man named Ezra to draw people back to him. They renewed their trust in God but as time went on the people forgot about their renewed covenant to trust, worship and follow him.

Has this time of pandemic, where we are unable to meet in person and encourage one another face to face led you to forget who God is? Have you forgotten to trust Jesus? Have you simply forgotten to walk with God?

God is calling you back to him.

This message is part of our series Exiles: how to keep your faith strong when you’re away from church

Church together is important and life-giving. Being kept away because of restrictions can have a serious impact on your faith. In the story of the Bible, people were kept away from the homeland of their faith a number of times. What can we learn from their experience about how to practice our faith as ‘exiles’? We’ll tackle the big idea of ‘making God the centre of our lives’ with real life experience and practical tips. Your faith can be strong and grow, no matter where you are or what is happening.

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