How to set yourself free from debt

How to set yourself free from debt

We are the most marketed-to society in history. Debt is one product that has been marketed so aggressively that many of us can’t imagine life without it. By contrast, there isn’t anything good in the Bible about debt. Instead we find words like “slave”, “fool” and “curse” to describe debt. How should we understand debt to use it wisely and break free of its bondage? Slavery squeezes the life out of us. God has a better plan for our lives. God’s plan leads to leaving a legacy for others now and into the future.

Laura talked about Dave Ramsay’s debt snowball plan.

She also mentioned Christians Against Poverty.

This message is part of our series ‘Legacy: the Bible’s guide to all you leave behind.’ What did you leave in your wake today? Some people leave a trail of destruction wherever they go while others leave a trail of blessing. In this 3 week series we’ll dig into the ancient wisdom of the Bible to shape the way money impacts our life today and our legacy tomorrow. This is far more than will-writing or estate-planning. This is about the every-day blessing or destruction that we allow money to have in our lives and in the lives of the people around us. Through the ancient accounting of the Bible we find hope, healing and better days ahead.

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