How to be a Christian without going to church

How to be a Christian without going to church

The habits and practices we establish in our lives have a big impact on our faith, especially in times of change.

While a man named Daniel was in exile, he wanted to keep his dietary habits and customs, and God honoured his devotion. Keeping your habits and customs as a Christian is something God will honour today, too. If you find yourself thinking, “I feel so far from God,” it might be time to recapture some habits and customs that express your faith. Time set aside for worship. Time set aside for Bible reading and prayer. Time set aside for sabbath. Rest and find stillness in God. Provide space for your faith.

A personal trainer is often better motivation for fitness than a gym membership. When you are distracted or apathetic you need accountability. When you have committed to meet someone, or have made a personal and accountable commitment, you’re more likely to turn up. How can you do this with your faith? Church at Home? Join a Group?

If you would like to find a group to join, we can help!

The three sentences Geoff asked us to discuss and finish are: 1. “I am a Christian because…” (or, “A Christian is a Christian because…”) 2. “Other people help my faith be strong by…” 3. “You can help my faith by doing these things…”

This message is part of our series Exiles: how to keep your faith strong when you’re away from church

Church together is important and life-giving. Being kept away because of restrictions can have a serious impact on your faith. In the story of the Bible, people were kept away from the homeland of their faith a number of times. What can we learn from their experience about how to practice our faith as ‘exiles’? We’ll tackle the big idea of ‘making God the centre of our lives’ with real life experience and practical tips. Your faith can be strong and grow, no matter where you are or what is happening.

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