What About Homosexuality? (MidWeek Q &A)

What About Homosexuality? (MidWeek Q &A)

MidWeek Q & A

What About Homosexuality?

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More Questions?

If you have same sex attraction, tell someone else you trust. Get them to listen to this message and then have a conversation with them.

If you have realised that you need to treat people with same sex attraction differently, it’s not too late to change and let God use you to show people his love.

If you have any more questions from this, please ask us!


Resources & References

The Living Out website was really helpful with articlesvideos and stories.

Tim Keller’s interview on Veritas Forum was excellent.

To explore further the variety of Christian responses to gay marriage, this Bible Society article is a good resource.

This Bible Society article helped me understand the concept of brokenness and sin.

Ravi Zacharias has two very helpful videos here and here.


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