Growing Up

Growing Up

Geoff continued our Ephesians series by talking about how God helps us grow up into maturity in faith and character.


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On Sunday Geoff talked about noticing strong, calm people in chaotic situations. Can you think of a person you know who is a calm, non-anxious presence in times of difficulty?

Read Ephesians 4:1-16 together.
You might like to read it in sections, with different people reading, and pausing to discuss each section. Or you might like to read it all at once and then come back to each section.

Apart from strong people in general, who do you know who is strong, calm and dependable in their Christian faith?
Can you think of a time when you ‘behaved badly’ in a difficult situation, and how it made you want to grow so that you could be more mature and faithful next time?
How have you seen God use unity in the church to help people grow?
How have you seen God use people of different gifts to work together in building his church?
What do you most admire about other people’s God-given gifts and abilities?
In what ways has God helped you ‘grow up’ already in your faith in him and your strength for others?
What area would you most like to ‘grow up’ in over the next year?

Pray that God would help you stay in unity with the church as together we focus on Jesus. Ask him to help you discover, use and grow the gifts he’s given you. Ask him to help you grow up to be a strong, dependable faithful person that is a blessing to others.


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