Geoff Snook – God & Money

Geoff Snook – God & Money

Geoff began a new series this week on money! Join us for the following two weeks as we talk about Justice & Money, and Community & Money.

To listen to the mid week Q & A from this message, follow this link: Geoff Snook – God & Money (midweek Q & A)

We’d love for you to hear the whole series to get a bigger picture of the role of money in our lives as Christians.

1. God & Money

God & Money Q & A (mid week podcast)

2. Justice & Money

Justice & Money Q & A (mid week podcast)

3. Community & Money

Community & Money Q & A (mid week podcast)


  1. Marlene

    Hi there

    Really needed to hear this word,because yesterday I had two bills which I know need to be paid. I spent must of my time thinking about how to raise the money…just one distraction when I could of spent my time worshiping and glorifying God, which is normal practise in my house with ucb radio.
    Yes keep your eyes on god, give him the praise because Jesus has already paid the price of our sins.

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