Geoff spoke about the time that Jesus said, “I am the gate for the sheep.” Jesus didn’t mean that he is an actual gate, but that he protects and provides for people.

Jesus is the gate for the sheep, he is the Good Shepherd and he is the gate through which any other shepherd has to go through to be worthy of speaking into our lives.

You can watch the video Geoff showed during the message, here.

This message is part of our series ‘I AM: Why Jesus is exactly what we need‘.

Our Groups are working through this series during the week, with the following guide:

Group Discussion Guide

  1. Read the passage together.
  2. Watch the videos together (there are scripture videos and teaching videos).
  3. Discuss together:
    1. What does this passage teach me about Jesus?
    2. What does this passage teach me about people (the nature of humanity)?
    3. What does this passage say about me (getting more personal)?
    4. What is one thing I must do because of this passage?
    5. What is one thing I must share, and who must I share it with?
  4. Pray together.


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