Faith comes from hearing

Faith comes from hearing

What is the Gospel (Good News) about Jesus that we must hear and have faith in? We can’t get to God so he came to us, in Jesus. Jesus restores our relationship with God because we can’t do it by ourselves.

The next question is often , ‘how?’ How does Jesus do this? The answer to the ‘how’ question is a wide variety of ‘atonement theories’ that we should explore. There is freedom to hold more tightly to the ones that make the most sense to us, and give each other the freedom to do the same.

The Gospel: Jesus restores your relationship with God

Atonement theories:
1. Victory: Jesus is victorious over sin and death.
2. Moral Influence: Jesus is our example and inspiration of sacrificial love.
3. Satisfaction: Jesus paid our debt, satisfying God’s justice.
4. Penal Substitution: Jesus took our punishment from God and died in our place.
5. Governmental: Jesus paid a penalty for sin and this demonstrates God’s justice.
6. Ransom: Jesus paid the ransom to free us and restore us to God.

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