Don’t be afraid! God has heard your prayer.

Don’t be afraid! God has heard your prayer.

Zechariah is shaken and overwhelmed when an angel appears, but the angel reassures him, “God has heard your prayer.” This promise from the angel marks the beginning of the Christmas story, as John the Baptist was born first to prepare the way for Jesus. Jesus’ birth reminds us that God still hears our prayers. Jesus is still ‘God with us’ – listening to us, walking with us and guiding us.

Three times in the Christmas story angels had to tell people – “Don’t be afraid!” People are often afraid of God interacting in the world or in their lives. An ‘act of God’ is the name we give to a natural disaster. Being ‘struck by lightning’ is the common joke when we think God doesn’t like someone. The birth of Jesus reframed people’s expectations of God and their experience of him. This Christmas season we’ll remember that Jesus is still God’s good news for the world.

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