Does your God look like Jesus?

Does your God look like Jesus?

When we read the Old Testament it can seem like God is a completely different person – like he changed his personality when Jesus arrived. But the apostles and teachers of the early church relied on the Old Testament to understand God and to understand Jesus as the Messiah. How does their teaching shape how we read the whole Bible today? If Jesus is the Messiah then what does that mean for my life today?

When Jesus came he wasn’t what most people were expecting. Even today Jesus isn’t the kind of Messiah that we might expect. He didn’t fight or win or become powerful, but instead died as a criminal. The apostles and teachers in the early church looked back at the Old Testament and were able to better understand Jesus as God’s promised Messiah. In this series we’ll explore Jesus through the lens of both the Old and New Testaments to understand how he fulfilled God’s ancient promises and is still the Messiah we need today.

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