Does God always keep his end of the deal?

Does God always keep his end of the deal?

At times in our lives it feels like we give and serve and sacrifice, but God doesn’t keep his part and answer our prayers or bless us with good things.

A man named Malachi spoke on God’s behalf to people coming out of exile back to the homeland of their faith. Their faith in God and their devotion to him was shaky, corrupt and in some cases non-existent. Malachi talks to them about God’s idea of ‘a faithful remnant’. While it might seem like God doesn’t always keep his end of the deal, and he doesn’t work in a cause-and-effect way with us, he can always be trusted. As we go through our lives, and even as we consider the end of our lives, we can confidently and faithfully trust and serve God.

This message is part of our series Exiles: how to keep your faith strong when you’re away from church

Church together is important and life-giving. Being kept away because of restrictions can have a serious impact on your faith. In the story of the Bible, people were kept away from the homeland of their faith a number of times. What can we learn from their experience about how to practice our faith as ‘exiles’? We’ll tackle the big idea of ‘making God the centre of our lives’ with real life experience and practical tips. Your faith can be strong and grow, no matter where you are or what is happening.

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