Avoid triangles at all costs

Avoid triangles at all costs

Geoff began our series called ‘People Problems: How Jesus can recharge all of your relationships.’

The recent Coronavirus restrictions have revealed something that is always true – people bring out the best and worst in us. Weeks of isolation, video chat, social distancing or being stuck in a house with others have left many of our relationships feeling flat, damaged or broken. This is true for friendships, work colleagues, dating and marriages. What we need is a relationship recharge so that we’re able to re-connect with people after the Coronavirus restrictions ease.

Each week we will explore something from Jesus’ teaching or another part of the Bible to help us find wisdom, hope and a way forward in all of our people problems.

Triangles are the worst shape and you should avoid them at all costs. That’s what Jesus said in Matthew 18. He taught us to deal with people in straight lines and to avoid triangulated relationships at all costs. In Matthew 18 Jesus outlines some simple (but challenging) steps that will help you recharge all of your relationships.

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