Act with Integrity

Act with Integrity

Geoff continued our new series, looking at how God leads us to act with integrity in our fresh starts and transitions.

This message is part of the series Fresh Start: how to follow God through life’s transitions

This time of year is often a time of transitions. Some things end and other things begin, in small ways or big ways. We aren’t always in control over these transitions, but we can choose how we will act and respond. The story of Ruth in the Old Testament shows us how Ruth and her family followed God in their unexpected fresh starts. Over four weeks we are going to tell the story of Ruth, picking up on ideas and things God teaches us to do when we are facing a fresh start. We’ll talk about the importance of finding good people, working hard, being generous and acting with integrity. All found in an amazing story of a lady named Ruth, and all having really practical impact for us today in our fresh starts and transitions.


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