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Welcome to The Lakes Church!

You can watch live church services and catch up on church services or messages you’ve missed.

Watch live services
Each week our 9.30am services are livestreamed on YouTube. Go to our YouTube channel at 9.30am each Sunday to watch live.

Catch up on services or messages you’ve missed
After our Sunday services are over you can go back and watch them again on our YouTube channel. You’ll also find videos of our recent messages. Go to our YouTube channel anytime and explore our recent services and messages.

Catch up on recent messages
You’ll find our recent messages below. If listening to podcasts is your thing, you’ll find recent messages on our podcast ‘The Lakes Church Cairns’.

Imagine Heaven – Relationships in Heaven

Imagine Heaven – Relationships in Heaven When I die, will I still be myself? Will I have a body or will I be some kind of angel or spirit? Will I see the people I know and love and will we recognise each other? These are some of the most fundamental questions of the heart and soul in each person, and the Bible has something to say about each of them! Here are the video links from this week of…

Imagine Heaven – Evidence for the Afterlife

Imagine Heaven – Evidence for the Afterlife Everybody wonders—is there a God? Is heaven real and if so, does heaven have a place for me? It’s a human question because there’s a human longing to know—what happens when I die? How you think about Heaven affects everything in your life. Here are the two videos from this week, including the full version of the interview with Dr. Mary Neal: (TV spot) and (Interview) You can find out more and…