Sermons on Unity

Sermons on Unity

Faith comes from hearing

What is the Gospel (Good News) about Jesus that we must hear and have faith in? We can’t get to God so he came to us, in Jesus. Jesus restores our relationship with God because we can’t do it by ourselves. The next question is often , ‘how?’ How does Jesus do this? The answer to the ‘how’ question is a wide variety of ‘atonement theories’ that we should explore. There is freedom to hold more tightly to the ones…

Living a life worthy of the call

We are reading the New Testament together in 90 days to immerse ourselves in the life and teaching of Jesus and his first followers. As we do this we know God will use our reading to teach us, wake us up, correct, prepare and equip us to do all sorts of amazing things. The NT90 challenge and series runs from January 16 until the Easter weekend. Every Sunday throughout the 90 days we’ll have a message based on the chapters…

How to stay united in a divided world

The last two years have accelerated divisions in our world. Tensions at family gatherings have become unbearable. Difficult topics have become unapproachable. Opinions have become more polarised. How can we stay united when everyone else is dividing? Is it even possible for Christians to disagree without dividing? You can join us in-person next Sunday and connect with us anytime at