Sermons on Relationships

Sermons on Relationships

Why we fight (When life gets tough)

We all face conflict and most of us hate it. The book of James is blunt about the source of our conflict. This bluntness is both painful and helpful. We can overcome the pressure of conflict by identifying its source and by pursuing a humility that makes pleasing God our primary aim. James 4.

Domestic Violence Q & A

This podcast is part of a series called UNCENSORED: Conversations the church needs to have.These are conversations the global church, the Australian church and our church need to have. In the Q & A I mentioned the following links: The full message on Domestic Violence. The statistics quoted during the message are from White Ribbon Australia, SAFER and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. The indications of domestic violence are taken from 1800 RESPECT. The articles by Dr Julia…

Domestic Violence

In the opening chapters of Genesis in the Bible we find a clear contrast: between God’s perfect intention for relationships, and our reality of relationships. Our relationships aren’t perfect. And sometimes, too often, at least one partner is manipulative, controlling or physically violent. Domestic and family violence is violence, abuse and intimidation between people in a current or recent relationship. It can happen in any kind of relationship — not just with husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends. And domestic violence…