Sermons on Life

Sermons on Life

Keep away from idols (Geoff Snook)

Jump into one of Elijah’s most iconic moments as he confronts the prophets of Baal. Through this dramatic showdown we learn valuable lessons about the dangers of idolatry and the power of unwavering faith in God. Connect with us anytime at

Depend on God in impossible situations (Laura Snook)

Follow Elijah’s story as he meets a struggling widow and witnesses God’s miraculous provision. We’ll explore the power of depending on God’s faithfulness and being obedient to his voice, even when faced with an impossible situation. 1 Kings 17:8-16 Connect with us anytime at

Stand strong (Laura Snook)

Explore Elijah’s dramatic entrance onto the biblical stage. Discover how God called him to stand up and deliver a challenging message to King Ahab. His unwavering faith inspires us to stand firm in the face of opposition and trust in God’s provision even in the most challenging circumstances. 1 Kings 17:1-7. Connect with us anytime at

Spiritual dehydration (Kate Cathcart)

Spiritual dehydration – know the signs & drink some water. As adults, it is easy to recognise the signs of dehydration – and to apply the cure – to drink some water – but children have to learn these things, and often be led to water – or put on a drip. Have we, as spiritually mature adults, learnt the signs of spiritual dehydration and do we know how to quench this thirst? Connect with us anytime at

Jesus feeds 5000

When Jesus fed 5000+ people on the beach one day, he did more than provide food for them. He had compassion on them and gave them what they needed most. This same God will provide for your needs, too. Connect with us anytime at

Wake up! Jesus is coming.

What if Jesus was coming back today? What would you want to do differently if you knew he’d be here in just a few hours? In Romans 13 Paul encourages us to not live as if it was nighttime, as people of darkness. Instead he says we should live as people of the daytime, as people of light. What personal things would you add under each of these headings from Romans 13 & 14 about how to live in the…

A resolution to live differently

Based on everything we’ve worked through during this Enthusiasm series, what will you resolve to do and be? Switch from grind to grace. Switch from consumerism to community. Switch from wandering to wonder. You can join us next week in-person at 9.30am or 5.30pm, or connect with us any time at

Take Action (Putting your faith into action)

Jesus came to open eyes, free captives and bring light to those in darkness. What is our active role in this ministry of Christ? When we see need in the world, what action can we take? How does what we believe impact whether we help or ignore the people around us? Having faith in Jesus naturally leads to a concern for others. Not just others in the church, but all people. The Apostle Paul wrote that we should have the…

Where is your focus? (Simon Warrick)

On Sunday we had a guest speaker! Simon Warrick works with one of our mission partners. You can join us next week in-person at 9.30am or 5.30pm, or connect with us any time at

Less is More (Joan Koskela)

Learning to let go is true wealth. Joan Koskela from Living Wisdom Australia was our guest speaker. Check out the video to hear her reflections on the power of minimalism based on Psalm 23 and 2 Timothy 6. You can join us next week in-person at 9.30am or 5.30pm, or connect with us any time at
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